August 15th, 2016
Hats n Caps
These are the stories of Sam. As read by Dad and interrupted by his daughter. Their adventures take strange turns but always come back to the beginning: the story of Sam's hats 'n caps (and helmets). Sam collects hats, caps and helmets from around the globe. People send them by mail. And when he puts them on, together with his friends Toby and Frog, he has a great adventure inspired by the the hat, cap or helmet. 

Pettenpret will be the main project I'll be working on as a compositor for the next couple of months. See for more info. 

June 8th, 2014
Meet me in Annecy!
This whole week I'll be strolling around Annecy to watch films, socialize and meet people. If you want to meet up for coffee, lunch or just have a chat, send me a message at or +31 6 451 00 459! 

June 7th, 2014
Aaand.. we are live!
I hereby declare this site open

Finally! After many, many hours of thinking, looking, discussing, designing, calling, emailing, and eventually diving into backups, writing, editing, photoshopping and uploading, it's here and live for all to see.

A big thank you to Hanneke van der Linden for the great collaboration during our joined effort in developing our sites, and Harm van de Ven for his advice, expertise and patience in building the whole thing.  

Let's fill this puppy up with more great projects!